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Best 50th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

50th wedding anniversary

50th wedding anniversary or golden wedding the most important anniversary in the couples life. It is holiday for the whole family. Congratulate the honorees come the children, grandchildren and friends.

There are several interesting traditions associated with this holiday. At the 50th wedding anniversary buy a new rings pair. The marriage hands have changed greatly and destroyed the gold rings. Old rings are presented to their children.

The happy couple are showered of the coins, sparkles, rice and grains while wish prosperity and well being. After the holy man and wife sit down at the empty untidy table and drink a cup of tea together.

This ordinance is symbolize the unity of marriage in their own home. It is showed that despite the holiday the guest house rests firmly on both of them.

To reach this anniversary falls selected couples. That’s why these anniversary are celebrated solemnly and pompously.


Invite necessarily the friends and relatives, be sure children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, friends and colleagues.

Most Popular Song 50 Years Ago: “HEY JUDE” – Beatles

Celebrate this event the coulpe can in restoran, cafe or at home. Atmosphere of true long love create real family holiday. Wish you to live the golden wedding!

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