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60th Wedding Anniversary Ideas

60th Wedding Anniversary Ideas

One of the few celebrations is celebrating 60th wedding anniversary. This is a celebration of the spouses have lived together for sixty years. One reason for the rarity of this holiday is not everyone can live up to such old age, because at the time of the jubilee couples eighty-ninety years.

Similar celebrations are a relatively recent and allows them to imagine people are wealthy. They were trying to fix and decorate a family life attempts to create new traditions. Therefore the holiday has spread rapidly among the general population and was enshrined in print.

What to give to the couples for their 60th wedding anniversary?

Date not accidentally named the brilliant gold. As gold which preserves their basic properties in the alloys, but at the same time becoming stronger the relationship of the spouses remain strong keeping the main thing – love and patience for each other.

While maintaining its “brilliance” and “value” as the noble metal. Sixty years of living together have a strong union of spouses and indestructible as a diamond whose name itself translates from Greek as “unconquerable.” Family life can be compared with the faces of diamond. They are characterized by rough and uneven, small holes. And a married couple, going through the family “roughness” have polished their shared joy, love, understanding and patience allows her to shine and sparkle Union as a genuine diamond.

Organizing the celebration should take into account its features. Active action will embarrass them and are likely to tire quickly. So we must try to make the holiday intimacy without taking away with the solemnity of the action. In a circle of friends and family elders would be much more comfortable and easier than in the noisy environment of musicians and actors overdressed.

The best gift on 60th wedding anniversary is a small theatrical performance. In the organization of the holiday heroes of the day should not participate – all efforts take on more young friends, children and grandchildren.

Constructed by the gatherings around the hearth is a symbol of family life or coronation anniversaries on makeshift thrones with further tales of the spouses of their married life and congratulations from the most intimate. All of this will be a celebration truly memorable and no one will confuse.


Don’t forget about the holiday table. It is best to cover his beautiful yellow-white tablecloth, be sure to decorate with fresh flowers and have not stinted on the cake. It is not necessary to do everything pompous, luxurious, but greed is not appropriate.

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