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40th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

40th wedding anniversary

The major gifts for 40th wedding anniversary must be a jewelry and crafts with rubies. Gorgeous ruby earrings, rings (a ring with red ruby is worn on the ring finger), bracelets, necklaces, brooches, necklaces, pendants, charms, especially if rubies mimic flowers and bunches of grapes.

For example, simply fabulous bouquet of the flowers from the gems. Rubies can be decorated with a paperweight, jewelry boxes, vases, bowls, vases, cigarette cases, clocks, chests, hair pins, tie clip, ashtrays, candlesticks, beautiful writing instruments. Very beautiful hilt antique daggers, swords, pistols, decorated with rubies. You can present different gift for couple anniversary too.

However, 40th wedding anniversary gifts of jewels may not only please the heroes of the day with its beauty, but also significantly affect their character. Has long red stones including rubies are amulets against diseases which modern science calls virus. But more interestingly the constant wearing of a stone is useful in various diseases.


According to ancient ideas ruby helps with paralysis, blood diseases, arthritis, chronic inflammation of the tonsils, rheumatic heart disease, inflammation of the pericardium, diseases of the spine, inflammation of the bone deficiency. Rubin is also lowers blood pressure, cures psoriasis, reduces asthma attacks.

For prolonged contact with the body during the night Ruby helps with insomnia, depression, schizophrenia, relieves irritability and fatigue. It should be noted that for any chronic disease Ruby makes it more effective drug therapy.

Very nice gift on 40th wedding anniversary is vintage bottle of red wine or a few bottles. Saturated by gases wines are divided into the quiet and sparkling, the most famous of them champagne. Sweet is no distortion or just pop in which the pelvis did not emerge in the process of aging, but it has been simply “pumped.”

An excellent gift for ruby wedding will be a bouquet of red flowers. This may be roses, tulips, carnations, poppies, gladioli, dahlias, simply wild flowers that you gather with their own hands. If the owner loves indoor plants, gave her some red or pink flowers in pots.


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