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The 5 Principles of Good Interior Design

Designing a room on your own without the help of an interior designer can seem challenging, but when you break the task down into different principles, it’s easy to find the right direction and create a home design that satisfies your style and is well designed. We’ve gathered tips from Décor Aid’s best interior designers to bring you a list of what the 5 most important principles are in order to create good interior design.

Repeating Theme

While many rooms may look like like they have been thrown together in a way where the home decor just simply happens to work,that is not necessarily true. Many spaces involve a repeating theme, and whether that be a repeated color, silhouette, style, shape, or texture, this element will unify the room in a way that throwing together random pieces of home decor could not.

One of the most important things in good interior design is for the eye to travel around the room, with no area of the room being too weighty or loud that it takes away from the rest of the room. In creating a unifying theme, this is the simplest way to get the eye to bounce around the room and take everything in evenly. Only the best interior designers can effectively use this technique, and the results you’ll see throughout your interior decoration are stunning.


Balance in interior decoration is quite a simple concept: there should be an even amount of pieces, space, or attention to both halves of the room. It helps to physically think of your home design as a scale. If one side has an abundance of home decor, color, and furniture, and the other seems barren and stark, the room will lack symmetry and just won’t feel right.

Instead of appearing as though you’ve forgotten about areas of your room, make sure there is consistent balance across the whole space. Whether you do this on your own or hire interior designer services to help you, you’ll find that this elevates the space dramatically.


Harmony is more of a feeling than a tangible,measurable principle. When sourcing pieces of furniture and home decor for a room, you’ll want to make sure they have the same ‘feel’ about them so that they fit together in an aesthetic way.

Whether this be through sourcing items that have sharp edges, curved lines, similar textures, the same color family, or whatever your choice may be, you’ll notice a distinct shift in the feeling of the room once you collect a group of items that flow together.

The space should feel more complete because of this flow, and give a clear-cut image of style and taste. When sourcing pieces, ask yourself how the items relate to each other within the scope of your home design, and see if they are complementary.


Color has the unique ability to convey a mood,feeling, or vibe without much else. Because of this, color choice within your home design is important. Not only do you need to think about the color on the walls, but the color in your furniture, decor, window treatments, art, rugs, and other items.

These will all contribute to the overall feeling of the space, and whether you choose light or dark shades,soft or loud shades, or any other varying combination can make your space a moody, intimate haven or a vibrant and exciting space for entertaining.

A good interior designer can think about colors that you wouldn’t normally choose, and how they will subconsciously affect your feeling in the interior design.

Good Interior Design


This phrase is more than where you place furniture or other pieces — it actually involves the distance between items,too. Distance between your home decor items can have an impact on how you feel in the room. An interior design that is packed with a variety of interior decoration items will feel busy and lively, while something that is more pared down in items will give a more open, relaxed feeling.

The space between items should also take ergonomics and function into consideration, or how easy it is to navigate the room. The best interior designers always take their home design a step further by thinking about this.

A well designed space will have a good flow throughout the room, so that foot traffic can travel easily through it,with ample spaces to sit or move. If you think you need to hire interior designer services, this can be something that they work with you on, using their years of expertise.

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