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5th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

5th wedding anniversary

Five years of married life together is called “wooden wedding” and a symbol of this holiday is a tree – a symbol of life, flowering and fertility. As is well known tree roots run deep clinging to the soil and sometimes they are not so easy to uproot.

Maybe that’s why the fifth anniversary of the wedding and got the name “wood”, as psychologists call a crisis period for a young family of three to five years of cohabitation. It was during this period many marriage splits, but if your family has managed to overcome it. It made like a tree firmly ingrown roots in the ground and not buckling under the pressure of the wind.

In addition unlike previous 5th wedding anniversary is the material strong, but at the same time warm and dear. The tree is able to create comfort and give warmth during the long winter evenings. Not without reason in the world so valued products made of natural wood.

5th wedding anniversary

Imagine yourself on a winter evening in a wooden rocking chair in front of the fireplace in which the quiet and cozy crackling firewood. Soothe and calm and wish that it lasted forever. It is thus possible to describe the relationship between the happy couple after five years of cohabitation. Perhaps there is no former fire frenzied passion, but feelings have moved to another stage is a deeper and more durable.

What to present on 5th wedding anniversary? How can you diversify the celebration on this day that all was not limited to banal meal?

A wooden wedding gift should be made of wood. Be prepared for the fact that some friends are particularly good sense of humor will present you a rolling pin, accompanying a variety of jokes and wishes.

What you can donate to 5th wedding anniversary really? All kinds of the jewelry boxes, wooden utensils, a beautiful set of wooden cutting boards, figurines, wooden frames for pictures. Choice is great. It’s only your imagination. An interesting and original gift is a wooden plaque with the history of surnames. It can serve not a bad addition to the interior.

Head of the family loves chess and checkers? Treat him special wooden Japanese chess or some other interesting board game. A gift with a hint is special dice for a game of strip poker – thing is in order to diversify the five-year relationship.

You can present and something else. For example, a family collage or original hours, but such a gift would still need to make some wooden trinket.


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